Design a Look You'll Love For Your Home

Partner with expert interior designer out of Monument, CO

No interior design project can be a success without careful and meticulous planning. Luckily, you have Trowbridge Interiors to do that for you. It's our job to figure out the logistics of interior design project to ensure success. We'll handle:

•Space planning
•Lighting procurement
•Color consultations
•Furniture procurement and layout
•Art selection, and more

Our team will bring all of these elements together into one cohesive design that follows your exact specifications. Meet with Trowbridge Interiors to begin your designing project today!

Supplying Only the Best For Your Design Project

When you work with Trowbridge Interiors, you'll have access to a network of Colorado suppliers. We'll find the best materials for your space at a price that works for your budget. You won't have to sacrifice the look you want just to save money! We maintain good supplier relationships in order to negotiate the best prices and discounts for our clients. Tell us what you're looking for, and we'll find the best options for your needs through our connections. Call Trowbridge Interiors to find a look you'll love.

How It Works

We work by setting an initial in home or office consultation so we can see what we will be working with and around. At that time, recommendations can be made and a course of action determined. If you need any product, we can then meet directly with our wholesalers so you can see what is available. You can either use that information to shop around or you can access our discount with our suppliers.

The time is calculated from the time we begin to discuss your needs until the session is over and for exact time spent in product search, design, supervision and pricing.

We do full service design. Or, you can use us for advice and guidance and then do the rest on your own and call us at any time for more help. We'll be there to help you avoid the expensive mistakes.

Increase Your Home's Sale Potential

Bring in the experts to set up your interior design just right

Need a little extra boost to sell your Colorado Springs residence in the current housing market? Consider changing up the look of your home's interiors. Trowbridge Interiors will come into your home and evaluate your space. Using your existing layout and furniture, we'll advise you on what should stay and what should move in order to maximize the aesthetic appeal of your home. Potential homebuyers are far more likely to invest in a future home that looks its best during their walk through. Don't sell your home short, team up with Trowbridge Interiors to put your home's best face forward!

Interior Design Colorado Springs, CO
Interior Design Colorado Springs, CO
Interior Design Colorado Springs, CO
Interior Design Colorado Springs, CO